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Stormy Weather Audio

A storm just passed over my house. I figured I would get some B-roll audio of the rain and thunder and such. You never know when you’ll need some background audio of a storm for a future project.

I recorded this simply with a Zoom H2. The storm died down as soon as I started recording, but I got a few good minutes of audio.

The 1st track is 41 seconds long, and was recorded in 4-channel surround sound mode. So there are 2 files; one file contains the 2 front audio tracks, and the other file contains the 2 rear tracks. If you don’t want to use all 4 tracks, just use the 2 rear tracks.
The other file that I recorded was simply stereo. It’s a long one; over 6 minutes.

Maybe you’ll find a use for stormy audio someday.


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